Strawberries are in season and are heavily in stock at most grocery stores around the country! Do you know how to pick the best strawberries from the bunch for all of your delicious strawberry desserts and delicacies? Follow this simple guide to finding the right strawberry and enjoy sweet perfection with every bite!

perfect strawberry

*What is the Perfect Strawberry?**

  • Color: A berry with a bright, uniform red color and very few white or green spots is perfectly ripe. It's extra important, since strawberries don't ripen after being plucked.
  • Feel: Firm with no soft spots. Avoid any rotting or moldy berries, as this can easily spread to the other berries and ruin the whole batch.
  • Size: Small, usually under 1.5 inches in length and width. This is one of the less important aspects, but usually smaller berries will have a more concentrated sweetness.

With these characteristics, the strawberry you find is very likely to be perfectly sweet and at the optimal level of ripeness. Storing the Strawberries

  • In the freezer: If you're stocking up on berries, freezing them is a good option. Remove the tops and core from the berry with a corer or straw and layer them on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Pop them into the freezer until the berries are frozen. You want to freeze them this way so that they don't clump together.  After they're done, you can bag the berries in an airtight container and keep them in the freezer until you need them!
  • In the refrigerator: If you're not interested in stocking up, store your un-bruised, perfectly ripe berries in a paper-towel lined tupperware container in a single layer. Cover those with a paper towel as well, and your strawberries can last for up to a week!

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