The final installment of the Harry Potter saga is upon us! Before you jump on your broomstick and head to the nearest movie theater, prepare for the bittersweet end of this stunning series by recreating some of the treats that Harry and his classmates enjoyed while at Hogwarts.  Grab some butter beer and clink your glasses, for these magical recipes are guaranteed to get your Harry Potter party hopping faster than a chocolate frog.

Acid Pops (from Edible Experiments)

Butter Beer (from Cherry Tea Cakes)

Cauldron Cakes (from Cook Like a Champion)

Chocolate Frogs (from Ezra Pound Cake)

Cockroach Clusters (from Burn Me Not)

Licorice Wands (from The Pastry Affair)

**Pumpkin Juice (from Kiwi & Carrot)



Pumpkin Pasties (from Diamonds for Dessert)

Rock Cakes (from Citrus and Candy)

Treacle Tarts (from Bakingdom)

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