If you're a professional or at-home cook, you must agree that there is something about preparing food that is satisfying, fun even. There's this feeling of accomplishment from baking a perfectly airy souffle. There's a comfort to having a table of guests clean their plates with a satisfied "mmm."

It's as fun to cook a new dish as it is to eat and share with friends. Just as fun as the times when making a mess in the kitchen with the kids - or the kid-at-heart in all of us - is as much a tradition as the meal itself. Just as fun as the molecular gastronomy gadgets and geekery that are both science experiment and cooking technique. Now, there are kitchen tools to match those carefree, anything goes meals. Here they are:

Meet the hedgehog vegetable brush: Veg-Hog

Go from chopsticks to fork to spoon in a snap with Klipo

Kickass cookies a.k.a. Ninjabreadmen

Scooner, The Cook's Spoon. This nifty gadget is a spatula parading as a ladle

A storage saver, the collapsible funnel

Dress up your desserts and add a personal touch with this food decorating pen

The Throwing Knife Block, chop veggies and put on a circus sideshow at the same time.

The Tupperware Sushi Maker allows you to roll perfect sushi and nigiri at home 

[The Rab Mixer is one bunny you wouldn't want to cuddle with (while its plugged in)](http://cribcandy.com/all/43f5e69646113689048c67edd315a8d9)