Flatbreads are easy to make and can be used in super convenient on-the-go pizzas, sandwiches, and more! If you prefer to snack on the bread by itself, incorporating fresh veggies like corn or onions into the dough can make it a much more flavorful, filling snack - don't forget to pair it with a little hummus or spinach dip too! For those with an appetite for more adventurous fare, homemade flatbread pizzas like these are an excellent option for even your busiest weeknights.

Chicken and Gorgonzola Flatbreads (from Ask Georgie)

Chicken and Gorgonzola FlatbreadsGrilled Bacon, Artichoke, and Goat Cheese Flatbread PizzaAdriatic Fig, Chevre and Sage FlatbreadSpinach and Shrimp Flatbread with Tomato and Pecorino (from palate:palette:plate)

Flatbread Tacos (from The Allergic Kid)

Flatbread TacosStuffed Crust Tandoori Chicken FlatbreadSalmon and Pesto on a Whole Wheat Parmesan Flatbread

Fresh Spinach and Gruyere Flatbread (from Life & Food on Meandering Eats)

Fresh Spinach and Gruyere FlatbreadCaramelized Onions, Arugula, and Goat Cheese Gluten-Free FlatbreadGrilled Corn and Sausage Flatbread Sandwiches