Refreshing grapefruit recipes like these can brighten up any mealtime. Zest up your midday lunch with a juicy grapefruit salad, or add a little intrigue to your desserts with a grapefruit pound cake or citrus-centric grapefruit and lemon bars. Not only is grapefruit a fantastic, healthful food to enjoy fresh on its own, it adds a ton of flavor to all kinds of tasty dishes too.

Grapefruit Lemon Bars (from OB Cookie)

Grapefruit Lemon Bars

Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps (from Snails View)

Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps

Grapefruit Marmalade (from Liking Pineapples)

Grapefruit Marmalade

Grapefruit Pound Cake (from Fake Ginger)

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Hearts of Palm, White Grapefruit & Dungeness Crab Salad (from Two Hot Potatoes)

Hearts of Palm, White Grapefruit & Dungeness Crab Salad

Grapefruit Shooters (from The District Domestic)

Grapefruit Shooters

Grapefruit and Mint Cooler (from Sips and Spoonfuls)

Grapefruit and Mint Cooler

Grapefruit Macarons (from Lulu's Sweet Secrets)

Grapefruit Macarons

Kale, Avocado & Grapefruit Salad (from Pickles & Honey)

Kale, Avocado & Grapefruit Salad

Red Grapefruit and Mint Sorbet (from Food Bridge)

Red Grapefruit and Mint Sorbet

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