Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! You might not have a fillet of fenny snake, eye of newt, or toe of frog, but you can still perform all kinds of culinary magic of your own this Halloween!  Witch hats, bubbling cauldrons, and frightening familiars are only a few of the fabulous foods you'll find here. Hop on your broomstick and head to the market, because you'll definitely want to try some of these bewitching ideas!

Cauldron Cakes (from a full measure of happiness)

Cauldron Cakes

Pumpkin Cupcakes (from Whisk Kid)

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Shortbread Witch Finger Cookies (from La Petit Brioche)

Shortbread Witch Finger Cookies

Chocolate Frog Jelly Shot (from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen)

Chocolate Frog Jelly Shot

Witch Cookies (from Baking in Heels)

Witch Cookies

Witch Hat Appetizers (from Hungry Happenings)

Witch Hat Appetizers

Witch Cupcakes (from Eclectic Recipes)

Witch Cupcakes

Black Cat Cookies (from Creations by Kara)

Black Cat Cookies

Witches Broom Cupcakes (from Cookies & Cups)

Witches Broom Cupcakes

Melting Witch Cookies (from Death by Cupcake)

Melting Witch Cookies

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