How to Grow 6 Commonly Used Herbs at Home

How to Grow 6 Commonly Used Herbs at Home

Growing your own herbs is a great way to save some green, add flavor your food, and brighten up your home at the same time.  Many varieties of fresh herbs taste distinctly different than their dried counterparts; for instance, dried rosemary has a fraction of the potency and fragrance of fresh.  Store bought fresh herbs can be pricey, and even then, those herbs aren't likely to be at their best.  Freshly picked, young herbs impart the highest quality flavor, so what's a better way to get them than growing them yourself?

General Planting Tips:

1) Most of these plants require about 6-8 hours of sunlight; they should also get some amount of shade during daylight hours.

2) Soil for these plants should be kept moist, but well drained.  Soggy soil will cause your herbs to dry out, and leave them susceptible to fungus and other unwanted invaders.

3) Fresh herbs don't have a very long life after they're picked, so feel free to make your own dried herbs once they reach their expiration.

4) Make sure to use potting soil that is safe for consumable food.

5) There are many varieties of these herbs; choose ones that are more compact as these are likely to do better indoors.  Creeping varieties and bush-like varieties are less suited to indoor growing, but are great outside.