According to the BBC, approximately 13% of adults will develop some kind of phobia in their lifetimes; the list of recognized phobias is filled with oddly-specific items that would raise the eyebrows of most who see them.  How can there be such a thing as fear of knees? Or fear of walking? The question of how these fears come to exist is still under debate, though some attribute it to prolonged anxiety linked to stressful experiences in childhood.

These food phobias probably don't affect too many individuals in the population and will certainly seem out-there for most, but the underlying, irrational impulse to be afraid is something everyone can ultimately relate to.

Acerophobia - Fear of sourness. Aside from limes, grapefruit, and other citrus, this fear can also extend to all kinds of candies like Sour Patch Kids, lemon heads, and shock tarts.

Alliumphobia - Fear of garlic. The scent, sight, and imminent presence of garlic can be enough to have those suffering from alliumphobia searching for their nearest exit.  

Carnophobia - Fear of meat. Shaking, dry mouth, and shortness of breath when presented with meat (raw or cooked) are symptoms of carnophobia. ' Cibophobia (Sitophobia) - Fear of food / eating. Many cibophobiacs are mistakenly thought to be anorexic; the key difference is that anorexics are concerned with body image, where those with cibophobia are afraid of the food itself.  

Lachanophobia - Fear of vegetables. There are those who fear all vegetables, as in this case, and more specific variations of this fear, such as fear of peas.

Methyphobia (Photophobia) - Fear of alcohol. The sight, smell, or presence of alcohol can induce sweating, nausea, and on the severe end, panic attacks.  

Mycophobia - Fear or aversion to mushrooms. Like all the fears listed, fear of mushrooms can range from mild to severe, where even the thought of one can induce panic attacks.

Phagophobia - Fear of swallowing. Phagophobia manifests itself with difficulty swallowing, despite having any detectable physical reasons. It is sometimes confused with anorexia or cibophobia.

Even though we might question the existence or legitimacy of certain fears, we can all admit to our own not-entirely-rational phobias. Many people wouldn't dream of eating sago grubs, even though they're standard fare internationally, the taste is often likened to bacon, and their consumption (along with other bugs) could help end world hunger! The idea of eating bugs is too disgusting on some impenetrable level to flirt, even for a second, with the possibility of being wrong.

This is the the same brand of fear that everyone suffering from a phobia feels, though to a lesser extent. No matter how strange the phobia, it all comes down to the same feeling.

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