You're probably familiar with the classic chocolate-covered, layered wafer cookie - and it's delicious! But have you ever had Green Tea Kit Kats? or Blood Orange Kit Kats? These are just a few of the spectacular Kit Kat varieties available in Japan, and other countries around the world people in America are missing out on!  If you want to see these flavors come to the US, you can make your voice heard by contacting Kit Kat International - and if not, you can just drool jealously over these fabulously flavored candies.

Blood Orange Kit Kats

Blueberry Cheesecake Kit Kat

Caramel Macchiato Kit Kat

Caramelized Sweet Potato Kit Kat

Cookies & Cream Kit Kat

Fruit Parfait Kit Kat

Green Tea Kit Kat

Salt & Caramel Kit Kat

Strawberry Kit Kat

White Chocolate Espresso Kit Kat

  Photo Credits: Foter, Jen Ken's Kit Kat Blog, Hamburger Calculus, Sluniverse, Choca Blog, Tree Hugger, Kanata, Flick River, DC Pictures