Nowadays, almonds might be thought of as ordinary, but in Ancient Egyptian times they were considered a prized delicacy. Heralded for their excellent health benefits, these little nuts have been a nutritious addition to diets for many millennia; the earliest almonds date back to 3000 BC! Plain, roasted, or covered in chocolate, almonds are a great snack any day of the week - and most certainly today for National Almond Day!

Chocolate Bark with Caramelized Marcona Almonds (from Yummy Supper)

Chocolate Bark with Caramelized Marcona Almonds

Chocolate Almond Croissants (from The Capitol Baker)

Chocolate Almond Croissants

Almond Joy Milkshake (from A Cozy Kitchen)

Almond Joy Milkshake

Chinese Almond Cookies (from Peaches and Donuts)

Chinese Almond CookiesBrown Butter Ice Cream with Pralined Almonds

Italian Almond Tart (from Williams-Sonoma)


Vanilla Almond Shortbread Cookies (from The Garden of Eden)

Vanilla Almond Shortbread Cookies

Almond Apricot Cake (from Evil Shenanigans)

Almond Apricot Cake

Almond Cherry Dark Chocolate Biscotti (from Butter Versus Burpees)

Almond Cherry Dark Chocolate BiscottiDark Cherry Cupcakes with Almond Frosting