Santa Claus is coming to town in just a few nights! He needs his energy to make the long trip around the world, and he'll probably appreciate a snack on the road.  Good old Kris Kringle probably gets bored of house after house of chocolate chip cookies and milk, so why don't you make something a little different for him this year? These fun crafts, cookies, and drinks are sure to be a hit with father Christmas (and if there are any leftovers, moms and dads will appreciate them too!)  

Santa CrackersSanta Crackers

Butterscotch Gingerbread CookiesButterscotch Gingerbread Cookies

Reindeer BarkReindeer Bark

Snowman Sugar CookiesSnowman Sugar Cookies

Lemon Snow-Cap CookiesLemon Snow-Cap Cookies

Reindeer ChowReindeer Chow

Amazingly Good EggnogAmazingly Good Eggnog

Creamy Hot CocoaCreamy Hot Cocoa

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Photo Credits: At Large with Wanted, All Recipes, Taste of Home, Martha Stewart, All Vegan Eats