Charcuterie: How-to make it at home

Spice it, salt it, slice and eat. Repeat. That's charcuterie.

Think you can make your own bacon at home? With BetsyLife's recipe, you can - and with some curing salt it is quite easy too. From corned beef to salmon, these recipes will walk you through the basics of curing meats and fish.

Looking for a more daring project? Might we suggest heading over to Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Charcutepalooza where the July challenge includes making hot dogs, mortadella and bratwurst. Or try out these recipes here:  

[Spanish Chorizo (from Wrightfood)



[Duck Prosciutto (from eat live travel write)

duck prosciutto


[Beef Jerky (from My Man's Belly)

Beef Jerky


[Cured Bacon (from BetsyLife)

Cured Bacon


[Gravlox (from Food52)

428096c7-fa8d-4b6b-85bc-f948273c846f--Cured Salmon


[Italian-style Cured Beef (from them apples)

Italian-style sliced cured beef


[Pastrami (from foodtease)



[Salt Cured Tuna (from playing with fire and water)

Salt Cured Tuna


[Chicken Liver Mushroom Pate (from Anabella's Kitchen)

Chicken Liver Mushroom Pate


[Corned Beef Cabbage (from Leite's Culinaria)

corned beef cabbage


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