Spice it, salt it, slice and eat. Repeat. That's charcuterie.

Think you can make your own bacon at home? With BetsyLife's recipe, you can - and with some curing salt it is quite easy too. From corned beef to salmon, these recipes will walk you through the basics of curing meats and fish.

Looking for a more daring project? Might we suggest heading over to Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Charcutepalooza where the July challenge includes making hot dogs, mortadella and bratwurst. Or try out these recipes here:  

Spanish Chorizo (from Wrightfood)chorizo

Duck Prosciutto (from eat live travel write)duck prosciutto

Beef Jerky (from My Man's Belly)Beef Jerky

Cured Bacon (from BetsyLife)Cured Bacon

Gravlox (from Food52)428096c7-fa8d-4b6b-85bc-f948273c846f--Cured Salmon

Italian-style Cured Beef (from them apples)Italian-style sliced cured beef

Pastrami (from foodtease)Pastrami

Salt Cured Tuna (from playing with fire and water)Salt Cured Tuna

Chicken Liver Mushroom Pate (from Anabella's Kitchen)Chicken Liver Mushroom Pate

Corned Beef Cabbage (from Leite's Culinaria)corned beef cabbage

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