How to Make Pickles from Scratch

Although fall is here, and soon most of our grills and swim suits will be hibernating all winter long with nothing to do, you can still find a way to savor summer year round. Homemade pickles are a small ray of sunshine in the cold, cruel winter because they are created while the cucumbers are still at their peak. You start with tiny, delicate cucumbers bursting with flavor, and the result is crunchy dill pickles that cure all your winter blues.

How to Make Pickles by Gillian Haas

My family still enjoys grilling from time to time in the winter, and when we bust open a can of homemade pickles, everyone's mood lightens. Every jar of pickles brings summer back with us and floods us with the hope that its warmth will return again.

How to Make Pickles by Gillian of The Haas Machine

Don't be intimidated by canning your own pickles. Only a few ingredients are needed and you don't need a pressure canner to stock your pantry with these goodies.