Adorable Bento Boxes Make Fun Lunches for Kids!

Carefully cut seaweed, colored rice, and a spectrum of tasty fruits and vegetables turn these packed lunches into works of art! If you've got a little time on your hands, a lot of creativity, and want to give your loved ones a meal they won't ever forget, grab some inspiration from these beautiful bento box meals. Kids will love seeing the adorable animals, from Micky Mouse to Angry Birds, in their lunch bags, and you'll love the smiles on their faces, too!

Where the Wild Things Are Bento

Where the Wild Things Are from Anna the Red

Micky Bento

Micky Bento from Cuisine Paradise

Spring Tulip Bento

Spring Tulip Bento from Hapa Bento

Holiday Bento

Holiday Bento from Bohenhase

Pink Panda Bento

Pink Panda Bento from AiBento

Angry Birds Bento

Angry Birds Bento from mymealbox

Piggy Norimaki Bento

Piggy Norimaki from Happy Little Bento