"Blue Sky" Candy for Breaking Bad

"Blue Sky" Candy for Breaking Bad

Sweeten up what's sure to be an incredibly bittersweet end to Breaking Bad tonight with a little homemade "Blue Sky" hard candy (no Chili P allowed). It's super easy to make as long as you have a good, reliable candy thermometer, and all you need for presentation are plastic bags!

Blue Sky Candy for Breaking Bad

If you're throwing a Breaking Bad viewing party tonight (or you're just a rabid fan, like myself) this is a fun little project to work on prior to the show! It takes just about an hour or so to make and cool the candy, so it's easy to add to your plans, and it's just fun. (Plus, the sky blue color is sure to go awesome with all those pillows and feathers that will go flying around your house if anything (else) bad should happen to Jesse Pinkman).

Blue Sky Rock Candy