Potato chips around the world come in truly bizarre flavors you need to see for yourself. "Hot Chili Squid" flavored potato chips and Butter Soy Sauce Doritos were just the beginning of the madness; these chips are  a true test of your adventurous eating spirit. Check out the list for more weirdness (or discover the dream snack you never knew you wanted!).

Onion Rings and Ketchup DoritosOnion Rings and Ketchup Doritos

Bacon, Cheese, and Seaweed ChipsBacon, Cheese, and Seaweed Chips

Borsch Flavored Potato ChipsBorsch Flavored Potato Chips

Crispy Duck and Hoisin ChipsCrispy Duck and Hoisin Chips

Lamb and Rosemary ChipsLamb and Rosemary Chips

Salmon Teriyaki ChipsSalmon Teriyaki Chips

Mayonnaise ChipsMayonnaise Chips

Dill Pickle Potato ChipsDill Pickle Potato Chips

Walker's Cajun Squirrel ChipsWalker's Cajun Squirrel Chips

Honey Baked Ham Potato ChipsHoney Baked Ham Potato Chips

  Photo Credits: Cyclone Cindy, JSPR x2, Near Of, Now That's Nifty, ainingloves, Trioxide, The Flirty Guide, Lawtonjm, BMcKinney

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