It's National Ravioli Day! What better way to celebrate this fun food holiday than making your own ravioli at home? It can be a rather involved, lengthy process, but the end result is incredibly flavorful pockets of delicious pasta that are worth the effort! You can cut your fresh pasta strips into simple, cute shapes like hearts or flowers and fill them with any tasty thing you dream up.  If you have a free afternoon and want to experiment with this internationally-adored culinary treat, here are excellent fillings and fresh pastas to try.

Making the Fresh Pasta The first step to making the best ravioli is preparing your own homemade ravioli dough. Our article, "How to Make Fresh Pasta" is a great starter guide to making awesome homemade egg pasta (with recipes for other very good fresh pasta doughs too!)

*If you don't want to make your own pasta dough, many people like to use wonton wrappers instead.

Tips to Cutting and Filling Your Ravioli

For ravioli, you will roll out two long, even sheets of fresh pasta. One will be the base, on which you will put your fillings, and the second sheet will be placed on on top of that one. You will cut the ravioli individually from there. If you don't want square-cut pasta, try using cookie-cutters or cups to cut your thin, rolled-out sheets of dough.

  • Remember to cover the dough you are not using with a damp cloth to keep it as moist.
  • Make sure to leave a clear border between the filling and the edge of the ravioli. For larger ravioli, it's best to spread out your filling a little more, since the thinness of the pasta has a greater tendency to break if its overfilled.
  • If you are using an egg based homemade pasta, use an egg wash along the edges of the ravioli to seal it. For eggless pastas, water or milk work well too.
  • Before cutting, gently push the air out of your ravioli (from the edge of your filling outward) with your fingers. The air will cause the ravioli to expand and burst as it's cooking.
  • After the sheets are pressed together around the filling without air, cut them into whatever shape you want!

Storing Your Ravioli

Fresh pasta is best eaten within the first 3 days of making it when refrigerated, and up to three months if frozen. If you're not eating the ravioli right away, make sure to store it securely in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator.

Here are a few Yummly homemade ravioli recipes to try out for yourself!

[Artichoke Ravioli with Tomatoes

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