Mad Men fans rejoice! Tonight, the sleek drama returns to AMC at 9/8 central. Don Draper and the gang are back on the small screen, which means we'll be treated to another year of sharp, tailored suits, 60s-era womanizing, and drinking - lots and lots of drinking. Celebrate the long-awaited return of this brilliant show by fixing up one of the many cocktails its characters will undoubtedly be sipping this season.

Tom Collins (from inspired taste)

Tom Collins

Mint Julep (from Forks Knives & Spades)

Mint Julep

Old Fashioned (from Jankenpon)

Old Fashioned

Whiskey Sour (from Garden County Cooking)

Whiskey Sour

White Russian (from Cocktail Hacker)

White Russian

Vodka Gimlet (from The Way the Cookie Crumbles)

Vodka Gimlet

Mai Tai (from A Mountain of Crushed Ice)

Mai Tai

The Manhattan (from Eat. Drink. Think.)

The Manhattan

Brandy Alexander (from the kitchen sink)

Brandy Alexander

Raspberry Daiquiri (from Cookie + Kate)

Raspberry Daiquiri