In the world of indispensable food inventions, what comes to mind?  Refrigerators, microwaves, and crock pots probably rank high, but how about the culinary miracle known as the "thumb lollipop"? It gives the thumb-sucker in your life a sweet reason to suck! Or the car french fry holder, which includes a spot for your ketchup too, of course! Are these inventions the revolutionary flashes of genius the likes of which the world has never seen, or just more silly gadgets we already don't have enough time to play with?

Thumb Lollipop

This thumb-shaped candy contraption was patented in 1940 by an industrious man named Frederick L. Craddock. It's designed to discourage thumb-sucking, and wisely includes measures to keep the thumb from becoming soiled as the candy is eaten. One has to wonder, though, why putting something sweet and delicious on a thumb-sucker's thumb would keep them from sucking it.  

Self-Heating Food Packaging

Don't have a stove or fire? Too lazy to walk all the way down the hall to get to the microwave? No problem! With Heatables self-heating food packaging, a simple push of a button can heat up your food to the ideal temperature! The technology is already here, and while it hasn't reached wide circulation yet, it's done very well in focus groups according to its creators at Tempra Technologies.  

Stick Butter

Tired of troublesome, flimsy butter knives always cluttering up your sink and drawers? Want to reach new, dizzying heights of butter-spreading glory? Forget the traditional stick of butter and grab the Butter Stick! With the butter stick, it's easy to spread thin, even layers of golden deliciousness on any surface. It also doubles as an economical chap stick or lip balm. Don't settle for Paula Deen's butter-flavored lip balm, just go for the real thing!

Car French Fry Holder

Put an end to those days of risking your life and the lives around you by reaching down into that oh-so-fragrant paper bag, reaching blindly for just one fry to appease your grumbling tummy as you drive! Pull up to the drive thru in style with this handy-dandy car french fry holder.  The only downside is that it uses up a cup-holder slot, so unfortunately you  may have to reduce your selection of beverages by one!

Twisting Spaghetti Fork

Spaghetti is messy. With all that tomato sauce, herbs, and sticky pasta lying around, performing a neat, clean twist of your fork is hard! Don't risk getting carpel tunnel from cranking your hand around in neat circles, let the twisting spaghetti fork do it for you. This motorized wonder is a little slow, but it could be a cute novelty item for the spaghetti-lover in your life.  It comes in 3 swanky colors and costs about $10 dollars from Amazon UK, whose reviewers claim it also makes a great paint stirrer too!

Portable Burrito on a Stick

Before you protest, "but burritos are already portable!"  like some logical dream-crushers might, you have to think bigger! Think less reasonably! Sure, anyone can grab a burrito by the hand like a chump, but why do that when you can make a burrito DOUBLE portable by jamming it on a stick? Plus, what if your burrito is uncomfortably warm? If it's on a stick, you can keep your hand at your favorite temperature with ease!

Food Printer

This interesting invention from Massachusetts Institute of Technology literally prints food.  Dubbed "The Cornucopia," this 3D printer fuses digital technology and food together by storing flavors of the cook's choice, mixing the ingredients after a digital food selection has been made, and finally cooking the layers of ingredients.  The cook is able to control every aspect of the meal, nutritionally, with no excess packaging or waste.  

Self Cooling Can

If you liked "Heatables," the self-heating food packaging from Tempra Technologies, you'll love their second invention: the I.C. Can! This environmentally-friendly container is said to reduce the temperature of the can's contents by at least 30 degrees Fahrenheit in under 30 seconds.  According to the company, an invention like this can reduce the need for refrigeration, which could have a significant impact on the environment later on!

Photo Credits: Esquire, Tech Tree, Funny Humor, Jalopnik, Lawson Shop, MIT, Tempra Technology

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