Just for You: Yummly Personalized Recommendations!

Just for You: Yummly Personalized Recommendations!

We've got great news here at Yummly HQ! Registered users of our site will now enjoy a brand new way to discover dishes they'll love: personalized recommendations! Think of how Netflix and Pandora can take in information about your tastes and preferences and spin out awesome new movies and music that you love. Now, Yummly can do that with your food!

Once you log into Yummly, you can access the recipes "Just for You" in the navigation bar at the top of every page! Check it out:

Just for You! Yummly Yums

Yummly extracts data from all the recipes that you "Yum" and your "Taste Profile" (features only available to registered users) and uses it to show you undiscovered recipes you'll probably love. Are you vegan, with a serious affection for Italian food, sorbet, and root veggies? We could have guessed as much. Or maybe you're a true omnivore, trying more whole grains, re-discovering salmon, and harboring love for Southwestern cuisine? Step right up and take a seat! There's room for everyone.

If you scroll down the "Just for You" selections, you'll get fully customized recommendations for dishes from cuisines, courses, and sources you love! Here's a snippet from mine:

Just for You - Customized Recommendations

What's also really neat about this feature is that everyone's recommended recipes are 100% unique! My profile has options for awesome Asian dishes, desserts, and salads, among other things, but you could get recipes from your favorite blogger, cupcakes you'll love, great French dishes, and more!

The range of taste profiles here at Yummly HQ alone are huge. How do the tastes match up at your own house? Sign up with Yummly today, if you haven't already, and "Yum" 5 or so recipes to get the recommendations rolling!

P.S. If you're curious how we do it, one of our awesome data wizards will be writing a post at Yummly Labs with all the nerd stats fascinating details in the coming week! We'll update with a link once it's live.