Your day was going swimmingly; your morning went by smoothly, you had a nice long lunch - and then it hits you.  That dull, twisting ache at the bottom of your stomach spirals into a gurgling thunderstorm of uncomfortable proportions!  Just because a stomach ache is a relatively common, benign complaint, doesn't make it any less distressing.  When a terrible tummy ache strikes, here are a few simple ways of relieving the pain.

Unless it's a symptom of something more serious, like the flu or food poisoning, stomach aches are usually caused by eating too much oily, spicy, or sugary foods too quickly.  (If that's not it, excess stress or excess gas can also result in a stomach ache).

  1. Take a bathroom break. Sometimes, a quick trip to the bathroom is all you need.
  2. Rest.  Just lying down for a little while should make you feel better; elevating your feet and just breathing slowly and evenly helps too!
  3. Burp. If your body has excess gas, just burping could quickly alleviate your stomach ache! If you need assistance in the burping department, sipping a carbonated beverage or lying down and putting pressure on your stomach can help.
  4. Grab some ginger! Sipping a ginger beer, soda, eating a ginger snap, or even sucking on a fresh piece of ginger can soothe your upset stomach.
  5. Drink something. Slowly drinking any kind of beverage, hot or cold, can help settle your stomach. Beware though - some drinks like coffee, milk, or soda can worsen your stomach ache if you drink too much!
  6. Nibble some toast.  If your stomach has too much acid, foods like crackers or bread can help soak up the excess.
  7. Heat it up! Just holding a hot pad or warm water bottle to your stomach for a few minutes can make you feel a million times better.

  Photo Credits: Info Barrel, How to Cure a Stomach Ache