Insanely Over-the-Top Food Creations Not for the Faint of Heart

Brace yourself - even looking at these foods could ruin your diet! These unbelievable food creations are case studies in indulgence, reaching near-mythological heights of caloric excess. The intrepid inventors of these mammoth meals stared across the breadth of their domains and scoffed, daring to expand the horizons of food beyond what was thought humanly possible.

Donut Burger topped with Fried Eggs and Bacon

Deep Fried French Fry Encased Hot Dogs

Bacon-Wrapped, Sausage Encased Burrito Log

Caramel Glazed, Chocolate Frosted Steak Cake

Mini-Pizza Topped Pizza

Burger-wrapped Turkey Leg Sandwich

Pizza Hamburger

Bacon-Wrapped Turducken

Peanut Butter Frosted Donut with Bacon and Bananas

Pizza Taco

  Photo Credits: Holy Taco, Stacey Hancock, Last Appetite, Cake Spy, Food Beast, Winnipeg Sun, Uber Humor, Toxel, Burger Eater