Chunky Chicken Chili

Chunky Chicken Chili

This recipe was contributed by Tina of Just Putzing and is sponsored by McCormick.

About a week ago I was approached by Yummly, asking if I wanted to participate in a campaign for McCormick. Given that 90% of the spices in my house have the McCormick label on them (obviously, I am a fan), and I've gone through about a billion bottles of McCormick flavored extracts since I first started baking, it was a good bet that my answer would be "heck yes, I want to participate!"

At first, I was excited because I thought maybe McCormick had an exotic new spice or extract they wanted me to try. Then I realized that the product was actually something called "FlavorPrint", an online meal planning tool that provided personalized recipe recommendations tailored to individual flavor profiles. Even better! I'm constantly struggling to plan out our meals for the week, partly because I'm lazy, but mostly because I can never decide what I'm in the mood to cook/eat.

The McCormick FlavorPrint service was really great because it took all the guesswork and agonizing out of my meal planning. All I had to do was take a short picture-based quiz about the types of foods that looked good to me or didn't appeal at all (kind of like "Hot or Not" for food), and the website was able to (1) tell me which flavor profiles I tend to gravitate towards (garlic/onion, herb-y, chocolate-y/coffee, sweet), and (2) provide me with a list of simple/easy recipe recommendations based on those profiles. So rather than drive myself crazy trying to figure out what to cook for dinner this week (and therefore what to buy at the grocery store), I was able to pick three recipes from my FlavorPrint recommendations (because lets face it...I always want salty/garlicky foods and chocolate) and build my shopping list from there. Easy peasy!

The three recipes I chose for this week were Chunky Chicken ChiliCalifornia-Style Garlic Pepper Steak, and Chocolate Chip Blondies. All three recipes were super straightforward, delicious, and exactly matched my FlavorPrint profiles (so for once, I was 100% satisfied with my meal planning choices for the week). Today's post features a slightly adapted version of the chunky chicken chili (the other recipes will be coming soon!), which was not only delicious (and healthy), but also unbelievably easy to make. From start to finish, the chili came together in less than 45 minutes, and Dan and I were scarfing down juicy, tender chunks of chicken in about half the time it usually takes me to throw dinner together. We ate our chili with cornbread biscuits, but it's amazing by itself as well. Definitely a recipe that I will be filing away for many future dinners!

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