Trending - Frozen Yogurt

Trending - Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is staging a serious take over. In the Bay Area alone there have been more than 20 different frozen yogurt shops established in the past four years, several of which that are chains. All of them are incredibly popular, and it's simple to see why- frozen yogurt is delicious.

Going out to frozen yogurt with friends is a favorite past time of mine, but after acquiring an ice cream maker- blenders also work- I haven’t looked back. When you make your own fro-yo, the taste, texture and flavor are up to you. It is far more satisfying to put your personally plucked produce, or other favorite ingredients- bittersweet dark chocolate in my case- into your mixer.

At Yummly, there is no end to frozen yogurt recipes. Yummly's goal is a perfect match with making your own froyo- you have the option to change the recipes in accordance to your tastes. Want it sweeter? Add more sugar. Want more texture? Throw in some Cap’n Crunch. Yummly can also suggest a flavor of frozen yogurt that is right up your alley, but may not have occurred to you (You will not believe how amazing Avocado Lime Frozen Yogurt is until you've tried it).

This flavor goes with anything you could ever want to put on top of frozen yogurt, whether they are strawberries, M & M’s, or even Cinnamon Toast Crunch- I’ll confess right now that I’m guilty of combining the three.

When peaches are in season, how can you not resist this new take on peaches and cream?

This is a delicious twist on a fruit and chocolate combination. It turns such a pretty color too!

"Blackberry- Chocolate Frozen Yogurt"

Blackberry- Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

If you don’t like frozen yogurt because it isn’t creamy enough, talk to me after you try this.

Lattes are another one of my favorite treats, so making it into froyo is even better!

Where would a top 10 list be without chocolate? (Not on a food blog, that's for sure)

Here’s a vegan and dairy free  twist that goes really well with fresh berries and other fruits, just throw it in the freezer for an hour or so like you would with any other yogurt

Make frozen yogurt even more fun by making it into a popsicle- if you don't have molds use shot glasses or an ice cube tray

"Yogurt Pops"

Yogurt Pops

It actually tastes like a creamsicle.

This tastes too good to be good for you.

Cool off with these recipes this summer, and don't be afraid to try new combinations. Frozen yogurt is one of the easiest treats to make at home. Enjoy customizing these recipes so you get your favorite flavor- just remember to post them on Yummly!