The Sprinkles Cupcakes 24-hour cupcake vending machine is up and running! All of you hungry citizens in the Beverly Hills area jonesing for freshly baked cupcakes can grab one on the go whenever the craving strikes you. Here's a short video from the Huffington Post showing how the machine works and a fine example of the quality merchandise you'll be getting from it:  

This isn't the first of non-traditional vending machine foods.

Kraft is also experimenting with Jello-O vending machines that have some face recognition technology to ensure that the only buyers are adults.

[Jell-O Vending Machine

Kraft Vending Machine


At the Lil Mart in Odenville, Alabama you can buy freshly butchered meat from their "Smart Butcher" machine. 1-pound tenderloin is $4, a 12-ounce rib-eye for $5, and a New York strip steak is $6.

The Smart Butcher (from the LIL MART in Odenville, Alabama)

There's even a freshly baked pizza vending machine made by Wonder Pizza USA! It's said to be able to make 9'' pizzas and fully cook them in under 2 minutes.

[Pizza Vending Machine

Pizza Vending Machine


If you want pecan pie (or any other pecan-related sweets) in the middle of the night, hit up the vending machine at the Berdoll Pecan Farm in Cedar Creek, Texas!

Pecan Pie Vending Machine 

Hot dogs are also on the vending machine menu! At this vending machine in Chicago, you just need to pick your favorite frank and condiments and enjoy!

Hot Dog Vending Machine

  Photo Credits: HLN, Medill Reports, Life Amok, Sprinkles Cupcakes