The Ultimate Super Bowl Appetizer: 5-Layer Football Field Dip

The Ultimate Super Bowl Appetizer: 5-Layer Football Field Dip

Fair warning: this isn't so much a recipe as it is an idea. You can make any dip look like a football field for Sunday's big game, but this 5-layer guacamole dip spoke to me. Plus, guacamole green makes a great natural football field color, if you're going for realism.  You can even add pretzel rods to make the goal posts if you want the dip to be more authentic. Feel free to make your own tasty variation this weekend! My childish sour-cream scribbles still look serviceable enough (and it'll be destroyed by eager dippers anyway) so even if your art skills are lacking, this dip will be easy to make.

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5-Layer Football Field Dip Ingredients


  1. Spread your ingredients into your casserole dish, bowl, (or whatever you're using), ending with the guacamole on top.
  2. To make the football field stripes, add a little sour cream into your piping bag (or plastic bag with the end cut off, for you intrepid MacGyver types). Pipe one line down the center for the 50-yard line and a line at the end zones so you know how far to space apart the 10-yard lines. At that point you can add as much detail as you feel up to!
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