How to Remove a Wine Stain & Other Awesome Uses for Salt

Salt, like baking soda, is good for far more than what it's used for.  You probably use a little salt flavor your meals, but did you know that it can also clean grease spots on rugs? Remove sweat stains? Clean mildew and rust? This humble mineral is a miraculously handy tool in the kitchen for both cooking and cleaning!  Be green and save some green by making the most out of your table salt.  

Keeping windows frost-free

Dip a sponge in saltwater solution, wash the inside of your windows with it, and rub them dry.  This keeps the windows from frosting up in cold weather.  You can use a similar trick with your car windows.  Dampen a small cloth bag and fill it with salt; rubbing this on your car's windshield should keep snow and ice from collecting.  

Drip-proofing candles

If you soak a new candle in a strong saltwater solution for a few hours and dry them thoroughly, when burned they will no longer drip!

Removing wine stains

Blot up as much wine as possible while it's still wet and then immediately cover the stain with salt; this should remove the remaining wine.  For tablecloths, rinse the cloth with cold water. For carpets and rugs, scrape up the salt and vacuum the spot.

Removing perspiration stains

Adding four tablespoons of salt to one quart of hot water and sponging the fabric with the solution will make sweat stains disappear.

Removing mildew or rust stains

Mix together a little lemon juice and salt.  Moisten stained spots with this mixture and spread the item in the sun for bleaching.  Rinse the items and dry them normally; this should remove mildew and rust.

Remove water marks from wood surfaces

Make a paste out of salt and cooking oil.  Gently rub this paste on the offending water mark with a sponge and let it sit for a few minutes.  Wipe it away with a soft cloth and polish; the stain should disappear. 

Testing egg freshness

Add 2 tsp of salt to a cup of water. Drop an egg in; if it sinks, it's fresh.  If it floats, it may be spoiled.

Washing spinach

If spinach is washed in salted water, repeated cleanings will not be necessary.

Brightening cutting boards

Wash your cutting board with soap and water and then rub it with a damp cloth dipped in salt.  The board should be lighter and brighter afterward.

Preventing food from sticking

If you sprinkle a little salt in a pan before pan-frying, it will help keep the food from sticking.  Also, if you add a little salt to washed skillets, waffle iron plates, and griddles, and then heat them in a warm oven for a little while, when they are next used, foods will not stick.  Just dust off the salt afterward.

Preventing mold

Wrapping cheese in a cloth dampened with saltwater will prevent it from molding.

Cleaning ovens

Salt and cinnamon take the "burned food" odor away from ovens and stove burners. Just sprinkle spills with salt while the oven and burners are still hot, and once they're cool enough, remove the salted spots with a stiff brush or cloth.  

Photo Credits: Stain Removal 101, Stippy, Home IP, Laurel Crown, My Recipes