This dish is one of my favorite quick meals to put together any day of the week. The sauce itself is a no-cook avocado cream that's smooth, creamy, and with a wonderful lemon zest. On it's own, it's delicious, vegan, and is finished in five minutes (two minutes, if you blend it in a food processor instead of mashing it by hand!).

Mise en Place for Avocado Cream Sauce

For my favorite variation, I like to add a bit of smoked bacon and simply seasoned, juicy chicken breasts over the top. The saltiness and texture of the bacon, and the spiced chicken (with the pan juices of course!) make it an awesomely flavorful dish.

It's zesty, fresh, salty, and incredibly easy to make.

Avocado Pasta with Bacon and Chicken Deconstructed

Top the dish with a bit of lemon zest, fresh parsley, and you've got a great meal that's totally put together in under half an hour! If you don't finish it in the first day (which is unlikely, but still!), you should pop it in the fridge and just enjoy it chilled from then on. It doesn't reheat well, because of the avocado, but it tastes excellent cold!

Chicken and Bacon Avocado Cream Pasta from YummlyChicken and Bacon Avocado Cream Pasta via Yummly