You Know You’re a Foodie When…

You know you’re a foodie when…

What things make YOU a foodie?   I started a list but would love to hear your thoughts!

1. You plan your next meal during your current meal

2. A dinner party becomes an excuse to cook and have leftovers the next day

3. It’s no longer “just pizza” but rather something exotic with ingredients like broccoli rabe and speck

4. You know what speck IS (hint: it’s not the dirt on your kitchen floor)

5. After a wedding your best friend tells you that “someone used the disposable cameras on the tables to take pictures of food!” (and not the guests – oops)

6. Upon returning from vacation you remark “there weren’t enough meals in a day to try all the good food”

7. You obsess about a recipe as you are going to sleep (instead of counting sheep you are counting eggs or onions)

8. A routine trip to the grocery store ends up with a tour of all the aisles and you emerge an hour later with just a carton of milk

9. Fill-in-the-blank (add your own thought here)

A healthy dessert!

A healthy dessert for the food obsessed!