How to Make an Authentic Italian Panettone

Did you know that on Christmas Eve, Italian children use to leave a slice of Panettone and a shot of Grappa to give refreshment to Santa Claus, during his busiest night of the year? Panettone is the traditional sweet bread loaf originally from Milan, one of the symbol of Christmas in Italy.

Italian Panettone from Bread, Love, and Dreams

Italian Panettone from Bread, Love, and Dreams

The legend says that on Christmas Eve, Ludovico Sforza , Duke of Milan, held a grand dinner. The head cook had prepared a special dessert, but unfortunately the cake turned out burnt. The scullion of the kitchen, Toni, suggested to prepare a cake he used to bake with simple ingredients. This unusual sweet bread made with candied fruits and butter, with a well-burnished dome , was greeted by loud applause by Ludovico Sforza and his guests. The Duke decided to name this bread after its creator Pan De Toni (Toni’s Bread)!

Buon Natale! Merry Christmas.