Cook Here and Now, San Francisco

Cook here and Now, San Francisco

To me it's foodie heaven, 30 cooks under one roof in San Francisco frantically making dinner...together.   Once all the food is prepared, everyone eats together and has a chance to taste and indulge in a really spectacular spread.  Hosted each month by the founder, Marco Flavio, Cook here and Now events promote seasonal, local produce amidst a fun, frenzied atmosphere.

The idea is brilliant:  Marco provides a list of select items and those who sign up (or are lucky enough to get in the door) are on the hook for an entree, salad, main or dessert utilizing one or more of the listed ingredients.  This past Sunday's ingredients included all poultry (except chicken) lemons, kiwi, onions, chard and mushrooms.  The dishes which were churned out were just plain amazing.

Pictured below are just some of the creations; there were really too many great things to capture.  In addition to the great dishes, the camraderie of the cooks really make this event a winner.  Next up from Marco:  a pie social (but sadly it's filled).

"Swiss onion pie."

Swiss onion pie.This was one amazing lemon meringue pie.

This was one amazing lemon meringue pie.

Cauliflower dip.

It's hard to find words to express how amazing this appetizer was!

"Simple but delicious cheese souffle."

Simple but delicious cheese souffle.