10 Succulent Salmon Dishes for Healthier Eating

Poached or pan-fried, smoked or seared, salmon is delicious! On top of that, just adding one or two portions salmon to your weekly menu can decrease your risk of heart disease, lower your blood pressure, and boost your immune system! Eat healthier, cleaner, and better with a few of these fabulous, simple salmon recipes.

Bucatini in Tomato Saffron Cream with Wild Salmon from Tasty TrixSalmon Parcels from Sweet Potato ChroniclesSalmon Fillet with Sake Sauce and Wild Rice from Julia's AlbumWhole Side of Salmon with Brown Butter Sauce from Fig & CherryDouble Salmon Eggs Benedict from Fueling Endurance PerformanceOrange Glazed Salmon from Gourmet Kitchen TalesThree-Ingredient Maple Glazed Salmon from Ring Finger Tan LineSalmon with Mango Sauce and Coconut Rice from Cynthia PresserGreek Phyllo Salmon Packets from Food Done LightBaked Salmon with Tomatoes, Spinach and Mushrooms from Salu Salo