A super food in fine form - eggs benedict!

A super food in fine form - eggs benedict!

A quick peek at Yahoo today turned up this gem: 6 essential flat-belly-foods. I did have a large, unhealthy lunch, which made me wonder if seeing this was really just a coincidence.

My initial concern over the short list turned to joy when I realized I actually like 5 of the 6 items (I didn’t know what “kefir” was and initially thought it might relate to Thai food.) Sigh, it did not.  Items on the list include:

  • quinoa
  • green tea
  • kefir
  • avocado
  • eggs
  • grapefruit

This list led to a search on men’s super foods, women’s top 125 packaged foods and the topic of “bliss point” which is apparently what restaurants and food manufacturers use to get us to eat more of whatever they are selling (apparently it worked on me today during lunch!)

A few more searches turned up various lists of super foods and another search for “allium” which was on Oprah’s list (scallions, onions and garlic). That seems like a good term to drop into any food crowd to see how many furrow their brows in confusion.  It also gives me another excuse to eat more garlic despite the objections of those standing beside me in any small space.

With numerous super food lists available online simply determining WHAT to eat can be daunting these days. If anything, it seems like these lists are a good way to discover new things and try them out.  Who knows, maybe someone will find a new food combination AND end up with a flat belly along the way.  Now that would be super amazing (and probably a best seller!)