Love your dog? Want to render the visage of your beloved canine in a jack-o-lantern?  Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) has fantastic free pet stencils that are almost as adorable as the real thing! Here are a few of the highlights, including completely huggable Shih Tzu and Jack Russell jack-o-lanterns! If you want the stencils (or just want to admire more of BHG's jack-o-lantern handiwork), just register on BHG for access to them all!  

Beagle Jack-o-Lantern

Border Collie Jack-o-Lantern

Bulldog Jack-o-Lantern

Dachshund Jack-o-Lantern

[Golden Retriever Jack-o-Lantern

Golden Retriever PumpkinLabrador Retriever Pumpkin