January 1st is of course New Year's Day, but it is also National Bloody Mary Day! You may have plenty of regrets hovering around you from your night of raucous revelry, but (quietly) fixing yourself a spicy Bloody Mary is a decision you can stand by - no matter how wobbly and disoriented you are! Sober yourself up enough to take on the brand new year with one of these refreshing beverage options.  

Bloody Marys for a Crowd (from Just a Taste)

Bloody Marys for a Crowd

Horseradish Bloody Mary (from The Dapper Dude)

Horseradish Bloody Mary

Suzy's Friend Mary (from Thru the Bugs on my Windshield)

Suzy's Friend Mary

Spicy Bloody Mary (from Dragon's Kitchen)

Spicy Bloody Mary

Classic Bloody Mary (from Boulder Locavore)

Classic Bloody MaryHair of the Dog Bloody Mary

Spicy Tabasco Bloody Mary (from Fat Englishman)

Spicy Tabasco Bloody Mary

White Wine Peachy Bloody Mary (from Sundial Wine)

White Wine Peachy Bloody Mary

Peppered Bloody Mary (from Dixie Caviar)

Peppered Bloody MaryBloody Mary with Jalapeno Infused Vodka