5 Ingredient Friday: Caprese Zucchini Boats

5 Ingredient Friday: Caprese Zucchini Boats

I was recently gifted several dozen fresh, home grown tomatoes, and now I'm hustling to use them all in as many fun ways as possible. My first project was these super juicy, fresh zucchini boats filled with mozzarella, tomatoes, garlic, and fresh herbs!

Caprese Zucchini Boats via Yummly

They're incredibly easy to make and quite tasty too. Ultimately, all you're doing is chopping up a few ingredients and tossing them into the oven, and the result is a beautiful looking dish capable of holding up it's own for a light meal or as a great appetizer.

Caprese Zucchini Boats from Yummly

And here's a step-by-step photo recap of the cooking process, for the more visual folks!

Step-by-Step Visual for Zucchini Boats