As technology advances, more and more gadgets appear on the market toted to make your life easier, but how many gadgets does a person really need? Space is a precious commodity in the kitchen. With all of the huge appliances out there and the world of utensils you actually need and use on a daily basis, things are probably crowded enough as it is. Here's a quick round-up of kitchen gadgets, including a tool dedicated solely to slicing avocados and quesadilla makers, that unabashedly capitalize the most trivial first world problems!

Butter SpreaderButter Spreader

Asparagus Peeler

Pizza Scissors

Pickle Picker

Avocado Slicers

Iced Tea Maker

Quesadilla Maker

Stainless Steel Pizza Baker

Baby Food Maker

  Photo Credits: Craziest Gadgets, sgros, Allee Willis, Beaba Baby Food Maker, The Kitchn, Buzz Catering Supplies, Adriana Mullen Photography Blog, Coffee Bean and Direct Blog