Most people out there are probably more familiar with the ketchup you can squeeze out of a plastic bottle, but for those in the know, nothing beats homemade! Making your own homemade ketchup is easier than you think, and when you control all of the ingredients that go into it, you can feel better about what you're eating too!  Get experimental with your condiments - these creative ketchup recipes are worth it.

Tomato Jam (from never enough thyme)

Tomato Jam

Classic Tomato Ketchup (from local kitchen)

Classic Tomato Ketchup

Chipotle Ketchup (from Homesick Texan)

Chipotle Ketchup

Masala Ketchup (from Choosy Beggars)

Masala Ketchup

Sundried Tomato Ketchup (from The Perfect Pantry)

Sundried Tomato Ketchup

Gourmet Spiced Ketchup (from Lori's Lipsmacking Goodness)

Gourmet Spiced Ketchup

Blackberry Ketchup (from Cooking with Amy)

Blackberry Ketchup

Fig Ketchup (from Sippity Sup)

Fig Ketchup

Mushroom Ketchup (from Ceramic Canvas)

Mushroom Ketchup

Autumnberry Ketchup (from Dog Hill Kitchen)

Autumnberry Ketchup