In case you missed it, Fried Kool-Aid was trending worldwide on Twitter this week. Apparently, a food vendor at the San Diego County Fair served about 9,000 deep fried Kool-Aid doughnut-like treats to fair goers. If this sugary beverage can be even more desirable fried, one has to wonder - what else is better when fried? Kudos to the out-of-the-box thinkers who created these fried recipes:  

[Deep Fried Banana Dumplings (via Seasaltwithfood)

Deep Fried Banana Dumplings


[Deep Fried Strawberries (via the family kitchen)

Deep Fried StrawberriesDeep Fried Apple PieDeep Fried PizzaFried Pickle Chips


[Fried Ravioli (via ReMarkable Home)

Fried Ravioli


[Fried Bread Pudding (via Over the Hill and on a Roll)

fried bread puddingfried mac and cheeseDeep Fried Eggs


[Deep Fried Cookie Dough (via taylor takes a taste)

Deep Fried Cookie Dough


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