Zombies, ghosts, and mummies will roam the night on Halloween, wreaking havoc on households across America.  While there's little you can do to stem the tide of hungry little zombies craving pillowcases full of caaaaaaandy, you can always take satisfaction whipping up a batch of un-dead cookies and demolishing their numbers without mercy!

Mickey and Minnie Mummies (from u Try.It)

Micky and Minnie Mummies

Black Velvet Cake Pops (from These Peas Are Hollow)

Black Velvet Cake Pops

Walking Dead Cupcakes (from Cheese and Chocolate)

Walking Dead CupcakesSour Cream and Chive Cracker Ghosts

Skeleton Bones (from Food Mayhem)

Skeleton Bones

Mummy Cookie Pops (from Pure & Yummy)

Mummy Cookie Pops

Zombie Fingers (from A Dash of Compassion)

Zombie Fingers

Zombie Cupcakes (from Sunshine and Bones)

Zombie Cupcakes

Ghost Cupcakes (from Ambrosia Baking)

Ghost Cupcakes

Halloweenies (from CbsoP)


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