How to Make Japanese Omelette Rice

How to Make Japanese Omelette Rice

The biggest difference between regular fried rice and Japanese omurice (omelette rice - オムライス) is how the eggs are used. Common fried rice comes with scrambled eggs mixed together with other ingredients such as rice, scallion, corn, carrot, and more. As for the Japanese omurice, or omelet rice, comes with semi-cooked scrambled eggs on top of the rice and other ingredients. In addition, a more “luscious” omurice even comes with beef stew or béchamel sauce drizzle on top of the eggs.

Japanese Omurice by Food Makes Me Happy

Let’s not go too far with all the extra fancy sauce drizzle all over the omurice. Just a simple Japanese omurice with perfectly semi-cooked eggs with a hint of butter should do the trick.

Japanese Omurice Step by Step from Food Makes Me Happy

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