Blended Turtle Iced Coffee

Blended Turtle Iced Coffee

This recipe was contributed by Kristianne of My San Francisco Kitchen and is sponsored by Starbucks.

Last month, Starbucks launched “Iced Coffee - Brewed to Personalize,” which comes in three flavors: Unsweetened, Lightly Sweetened and Caramel. This new line makes it so easy to enjoy an iced coffee whenever you want, without having to brew a new batch of coffee. Each bottle contains 8 cups of coffee, which is also great for entertaining. I recently bought the Unsweetened flavor, because I wanted to create my own homemade iced coffee recipe with it.

Back in college, I discovered this blended turtle coffee delight and ever since it has been my favorite iced blended coffee drink. I am excited to share this recipe with you, because I know you will love it too! It is easily made at home with Starbucks Iced Coffee, milk, ice, chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, chopped pecans and whipped cream. The best part is drizzling caramel and chocolate in the cup before pouring the blended iced coffee in.

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