I like turkey but like a lot of people I only think about it as a sandwich filled or during the month of November.  Last week while perusing the butcher counter I came across a package of turkey legs and figured I'd give them a try (they were priced right:  about $7  for two).

When asked how I planned to prepare them I recalled a PBS episode where Jacques Pepin and Julia Child removed the bone and then stuffed the meat with stuffing.  I figured "how hard can that be?"  Well, it wasn't hard for me as I gave instructions to a friend who was kind enough to wield the knife.  Once prepped (here's where I step in!) the meat was flattened between plastic wrap, packed with stuffing (Pepperidge Farm is a good option) then tied up (below). 

The dish was roasted in a 350 degree oven to temperature and then sliced cross-wise.   I served this over the stuffing with a quick gravy (used the mac and cheese white sauce recipe, substituted the milk for turkey stock and minus the cheese) for a fun meal that had my guests raving.  Honestly I think it was less to do with the food and more to do with having a "Thanksgiving meal" outside of November.

Either way, it's a tasty, economical dish to tide you over until the next turkey day!

"Stuffing stuffed turkey."

Stuffing stuffed turkey.