How to Make Nutella From Scratch

How to Make Nutella from Scratch

Happy World Nutella Day! Celebrate this lovely occasion by making your very own smooth, creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread. (Alternatively, you can also use the nutella to make a whole collection of amazing sweet treats too!) Here's a simple recipe that you can customize and change to your tastes and preferences!

Nutella, Photo by A. Kniesel

Nutella, Photo by A. Kniesel

Note: This recipe uses blanched hazelnuts, which are nuts that have already had their skins removed. If you do not use blanched hazelnuts, you will need to remove the skins yourself.

To remove the skins from your hazelnuts: 1) Bake your nuts in single layer them in an oven preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 12-15 minutes. 2) 2) Once they've browned very slightly and the skins have loosened, put them into a kitchen towel and give them a good rubdown until all the skins are separated. Then, proceed with the directions as given above.