March delivers a bounty of exciting college basketball and is the perfect opportunity to invite friends and family over to eat, drink, and watch the madness ensue. Make sure to serve the following mascot-themed foods (or the cookies in the above photo) at your party!

Team: Ohio State University Buckeyes

Recipe: Buckeye Balls

Ohio State Buckeye Balls

Team: University of Kansas Jayhawks

Recipe: Jayhawk Double-Clutch Pork Ribs

Jayhawk Double-Clutch Pork Ribs

Team: Duke University Blue Devils

Recipe: Blue Devil Cheese and Bacon Dip

Blue Devil Cheese And Bacon Dip

Team: University of North Caroline Tar Heels

Recipe: Tar Heel Pie

North Carolina Tar Heel Pie

Team: University of Kentucky Wildcats

Recipe: Wildcat Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Wildcat Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Team: University of Florida Gators

Recipe: Green Gator

Florida Green Gator

Team: San Diego State University Aztecs

Recipe: Aztec Salsa

San Diego State Aztec Salsa

Team: University of Wisconsin Badgers

Recipe: Wisconsin Badger Burger

Wisconsin Badger Burger