White Chocolate Mousse with Bananas

Chocolate mousse (or any other mousse — strawberry, coconut, or banana) is one of my favorite desserts, not just because it's super easy to prepare, but because with just one bite you can taste every ingredient in this dessert. It's light, yet rich and full of flavor.

Chocolate Mousse with Bananas from Vessy's Day

With chocolate mousse, it's important to use good quality chocolate because the taste of the mousse depends on it completely. Then, after you pick your favorite chocolate, you just need to get the cream and eggs! That's why I love this dessert so much, it has three major ingredients, so for once you will won't need a huge shopping list and plan ahead of time. Great, huh?

Chocolate Mousse with Bananas from Vessy's Day 2

Since summer is here, I want to focus on lighter meals and desserts, which is why I chose to prepare this mousse with white chocolate. I have used the same recipe to prepare milk or dark chocolate mousse as well, so you can choose your favorite type of chocolate, or better yet, make a triple mousse, served in tall clear dessert glasses, so all of the layers are visible and tempting!

Chocolate Mousse with Bananas from Vessy's Day via Yummly