5 Awesome New Uses for Ordinary Kitchen Items

There are all kinds of ordinary, everyday items in your house that are good for far more than they're currently being used for. For example, baking soda (as this blog has covered in the past) is an amazing cleaner for anything from fruits and veggies to tile floors and cutting boards. But there are tons of other items in your house that can really come in handy in a sticky situation too! Here are a few excellent tips and tricks that you can use to help keep things running smoothly in your household.

Re-purpose a muffin tin as a cooling rack!

Most people have multiple muffin tins, but not everyone has a cooking rack. The spaces between the molds allow air to flow, cooling your freshly baked breads and confections.

Use a bundt pan to cut fresh corn!

When you want to cut the kernels off of a fresh ear of corn, you can use the hole in the center of the pan as a support to help you cut, and the pan itself will catch all of the kernels.

* Bonus: You can also use this as a vertical roaster for chickens. Just place the whole chicken over the center of the bundt pan, add your veggies in the pan, put it on top of a baking sheet and pop it into the oven! 

Make a candle out of a can of Crisco!

You'll need a long wick for this as well, but if you have it, all you need to do is push the wick into the Crisco! Your Crisco candle will burn for approximately 45 days.


Kitchen sponges as makeshift ice packs!

All you need to do is freeze your soaked sponges in a plastic bag, and voila! You've got yourself an ice pack. Plus, the sponge will re-soak up the liquid as it melts.


Use apples to ripen other fruits!

An ordinary apple releases gases as it ripens that encourages the ripening of other fruits as well! If you just put an apple in a paper bag with the fruits you'd like to enjoy sooner, they'll ripen faster.


Photo Credits: Real SimpleCooking Channel TV, The Preparationist, The Kitchn, Read Cook Digest