Homemade Strawberry Pepita Muesli Bars

Homemade Strawberry Pepita Muesli Bars

These bars pack a caloric punch – they are intended to be workout or hiking food, not for dieters – so you won’t need more than a single serving! These are lower GI than your store bought muesli bars, and don't have any of those awful preservatives in them. Kept in the fridge in a sealed container, they can usually last at least one month, and you could also freeze them for extended longevity.

Strawberry Pepita Muesli Bars from Not From a Packet Mix

*Strawberry Pepita Muesli Bars from Not From a Packet Mix*

As I mentioned on my blog about muesli bars, low GI is important not only when you’re not doing anything – to avoid a blood sugar spike, years of which can lead to insulin resistance and put you at risk of Type II Diabetes – but to help you maintain energy levels while you’re exercising, or even during the day if you eat one of these as a breakfast bar... which I do.

These bars are low FODMAPs/Fructose Friendly, Paleo and Gluten Free. I like to eat these as a breakfast bar with plain yogurt and some berries. They are quite filling and keep me going until lunch time. Enjoy!


  • Use pure maple syrup, which shouldn’t have any extra sugars or sweeteners in there that could potentially elicit a FM reaction.
  • I used raw nuts and seeds but you could use roasted for a little extra crunch.
  • Strawberries are a FODMAP suitable fruit, with fructose concentration of 3.0g/100g and a glucose concentration of 3.1g/100g. Monash University lists them as safe.
  • Most seeds are safe in moderate amounts, however they can affect some people because they are high in fiber.
  • Almonds have been listed by some as higher in FODMAPs, so to be safe, I excluded them.
  • If you want a nut free version, just leave them out and add in the same volume of seeds.

Please visit my blog at www.notfromapacketmix.com for information about fructose malabsorption as well as more fructose/FODMAP friendly and gluten free recipes.