Amazing 2-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Amazing 2-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate + water = chocolate mousse. It sounds almost too incredible to be true, but it works, and it's just as airy, light, and delicious as mousse should be. French chemist (and forefather of molecular gastronomy), Hervé This discovered the methodology for creating his 'chocolat chantilly', and in a delightful interview with Wired Magazine said, "I invented it — but it was so easy, I'm embarrassed!" The methodology is almost identical to making your own whipped cream (and the reason this mousse works is exactly the same as why whipping cream does). There's no better way to celebrate National Chocolate Mousse Day today than with this incredible recipe!

chocolate mousse_large

*Photo by Jules (Stone Soup) via Wikimedia Commons*

Tips and Tricks

  • It helps if your mixing bowls, and even your whisk, are quite cold. You can even pop them into the freezer for a bit while you prepare your ingredients!
  • An electric mixer helps to make the whisking a bit less arm-draining, but make sure you watch the progress of your mousse. If you over-mix your mousse, and it becomes a bit grainy, just re-melt the mixture in the saucepan and repeat the process.
  • If the mousse is too heavy, too light, etc, you can actually just re-melt the mixture, adjust your ingredients and proportions as needed, and try it again. It's an incredibly low-risk endeavor.

For more information (and to see the mousse come together live), here's Heston Blumenthal for your viewing pleasure. Amazing!