Apple Pears

Apple Pears

"Asian apple pears are a welcome farmer's market surprise!"

Asian pears are a welcome farmer's market surprise!

During a walk through the local farmer’s market this weekend I came across a vendor selling Apple Pears.  I picked up a few because he seemed quite genuine in his enthusiasm for the fruit, telling me to refrigerate for optimum taste before cutting.

Upon returning home I followed his instructions by placing the fruit in the “crisper” section of my refrigerator.  A few hours later I returned to retrieve one of these beauties was quite impressed when it was cut open.  The Apple Pear is like a cross between an apple (in texture) and a pear (hence, the name!)  Best of all, there’s a nice hint of sweetness balanced by a slightly floral flavor.

If you find these available in your area pick up a few and try them.  They seem to be perfect for snacking and could substitute nicely in an apple tart.   Enjoy!